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The structure of the Public Investment Program is financed exclusively from national resources includes, but is not limited to, the following categories:

  • Investment actions of Local (A Level) and Regional Authorities (B Level).
  • Payments and Compensations for damages and aid to flooded areas and other disasters.
  • Payments for emergency interventions and emergency projects.
  • Payments for social activities.
  • Payments for fire protection, reforestation, forestry and forest protection works.
  • Grants to legal entitiesfor Activities in Social Economy and Employment.

The Regional Fund of Western Macedonia is designated as the account manager of the projects of the Region of Western Macedonia funded by national resources of the Public Investment Program. These projects are intended to have the character of integrated interventions at the regional level but also to operate in addition to the co-funded projects of the Public Investment Program with the purpose of achieving a multiplier effect.

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