Equality of opportunity is core to Regional Development Fund’s mission and gender balance is a critical component for the organization to ensure fair access and equality for its administrative, technical and support personnel. Since its establishment, Regional Development Fund of Western Macedonia incorporates these principles in its priorities and everyday operations. However, responding to the current demands and following acts drawn up both at national level (Action for Gender Equality 2021-2025) and at European level (Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025, Gender equality in the European Research Area), Regional Development Fund commits to systematizing its practices through the delivery of an effective Gender Equality Plan (GEP). The aims of the GEP are:

• The recording of the current situation as formed by the procedures and practices applied in Regional Development Fund, in order to identify possible gaps or weaknesses in the equal treatment of genders;
• The identification and application of corrective practices;
• The setting of targets and their monitoring through specific indicators.

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